Enhance Revenues and Elevate Your Connections with Smart, Automated Gifting Solutions

Giftsapp provides an innovative solution for delivery of custom-personalized physical and digital gifts, catering to clients, prospects, and team members through an automated platform.


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Drive Sales Momentum with Smart Gift Strategies

Giftsapp's innovative gifting platform is your key to making a memorable impression on your prospects.

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Sales Enablement

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Empower Your Marketing Crew with Precision Tools for Flawless Account-Based Strategies

Enhance your engagement and streamline your direct mail and ABM campaigns with Giftsapp's supportive automation features.


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Enhance Client Engagement with Streamlined Gifting

Facilitate your customer success team's ability to seamlessly offer gifts at key moments such as client onboarding, subscription renewals, resolution of issues, or in appreciation for client input.

Customer Success

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Make your employees feel valued 

Giftsapp simplifies your HR processes. As remote work becomes the norm, conveniently send customized gestures of appreciation to team members and prospects. Maintain smooth sailing in HR engagement, ensuring acquisition, retention, and recognition are on a steady course.

Employee Engagement


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Gifting Simplified

Craft a Magic Link to include in emails, across distribution lists, or within any marketing channel. This universal solution is an ideal strategy for effortless gifting campaigns.

Magic Link

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Empower Your Recipients with Choice

Provide a selection of gifts for your customers, prospects, and team members with secure links, offering them the freedom to pick their preferred option

Gift Redemption

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Elevate Your Strategy with Digital E-Gifts

Unlock access to hundreds of digital gift cards from around the globe, offering the ultimate flexibility in gifting. Choose to send a universal e-gift that allows recipients to select their preferred option upon redemption, or handpick specific gifts tailored to their tastes. 


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Millions of Physical Gifts

Curate physical gifts from an expansive inventory of over a million products, giving your recipients the freedom to make the final selection. This approach ensures a personalized gifting experience that aligns with their preferences and your thoughtful gesture.

Physical Gifts

Features That Make GiftsApp

Create links for emails and marketing channels for a seamless, universal gifting campaign solution. 

Magic Link

Range of gifts to customers, prospects, and team members through secure links, enabling them to choose their preferred option. 

Gift Redemption

Effortlessly send physical gifts or digital gift cards without needing shipping addresses or dealing with gift curation and availability.

Physical Gifts & e-Cards

Personalize your gift-giving by customizing every detail from selection to presentation, creating a memorable and unique experience for each recipient.


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Personalized Gifting Made Memorable 

Transform your gift-giving into a truly unique and personalized experience for each recipient. Customize every aspect of the gifting process, from the selection to the presentation, ensuring a memorable and individualized experience that resonates deeply with those you appreciate.

Gift Personalization

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Gift Management for Teams 

Grant access to team members responsible for sending gifts to prospects, clients, or employees, allowing for a coordinated and efficient approach. Easily manage multiple users and their gifting activities from the dashboard.

User Management

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Enhance your success with GiftsApp's Analytics & Reporting

Our intuitive dashboards provide essential insights into campaign performance, trends, and employee engagement. Make informed decisions and boost your strategy with real-time data at your fingertips.

Track and Measure

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GiftsApp Integrates Seamlessly With Top Apps

Ease your workflow and say goodbye to tedious spreadsheet handling. Activate sends directly through the platforms you're already familiar with.

Automate with Integrations

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